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? and will the speech make any difference tonight? >>> bully backlash on the news. the local anchor woman who became the headline when she took on the man who complained about her weight, head-on. >> you know nothing about me but what you see on the outside. and i am much more than a number on a scale. >> why she went public with the hurtful viewer e-mail. and her message for everyone this morning. ♪ put me in, coach i'm ready to play ♪ >>> back in the game. the major league baseball player who took a fastball to the head his first time at bat seven years ago. his fans campaigning for one more shot at glory. and we'll show you what happened at home plate. ♪ well i spent some time in the mudville nine ♪ >>> love having that music coming in. good morning, america. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant, watching us this morning. lara is off. great to have elizabeth vargas. boy, that was some night in miami. >> whoa. >> it sure was. he had been, adam greenberg, the only player to have his career end on the first pitch of the first at-bat. and that is no longer the case. miami, giving
butter she bought at her local grocery store. >> i had eaten peanut butter three days in a row. i just got so sick. this is a big deal. >> reporter: nearly three dozen people have been sickened in 19 states from coast to coast. this morning, there's concern that with so many products on the list, that number could be growing. now the entire list of products to stay way from is on the fda website. the name to look for is sunland. the challenge is that company makes peanut products used in many brands. >> gnthat's a huge challenge, thank you, jim. for a full list go on yahoo!. >>> now the rescue dog, duke the lee roe. he saved the life of their 9-week-old baby girl. dan harris with the story. >> reporter: duke was adopted from a shelter six years ago. a favor he's now repaid in spades. it happened last week when duke jumped on on the bed in the middle of the night, shaking uncontrollably. >> he is insanely obedient. this was extremely bizarre. >> reporter: they knew something wasn't right. they went to check on their 9-week-old baby girl, harper. >> if duke hadn't
streaming from the outer banks to higher ground. and locals, to stores to stock up on supplies. and we are already starting to hear reports of people buying out generators. even shortages of water in some places. and because this is such a massive system moving in, the national guard has said it is ready with 61,000 troops, guardsmen available, if they are needed to be called up. ginger? >> matt, let's get straight to that tropical storm watch and warning. this is what people need to know this morning. this is what the storm is going to do to you. from central florida all the way up through the carolinas. the watches and warnings for 40-mile-per-hour to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. that's today through tomorrow. then, the storm, the path takes it to the mid-atlantic, southern new jersey and delaware, being the heart of it. but the wind field extends beyond that. it could be felt all the way to ohio, parts of western pennsylvania. and the storm surge was mentioned once but needs to be mentioned again. six-foot to nine-foot possible. atlantic city, included. new york city, included. long isla
guard who sent that e-mail to a local anchorwoman about her weight. it sparked outrage across the country. she fought back on the air. >> i truly apologize to jennifer. that's the last thing i ever wanted to do. >>> and duel of the divas. the escalating fight between mariah carey and nicki minaj. reports from carey that minaj threatened to shoot her. now, carey has hired more protection. the latest on this fiasco, threatening to blow up "american idol." >>> and happy friday, everyone. good morning, america. as you know, robin is recovering with her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we'll have an update from robin ahead. >>> we have the latest news on travel on the road and in the sky. gas prices spiking approaching $6. some stations closing down because gas is too expensive to buy. >>> it's equally bad in the air, it seems. american airlines is grounding dozens of 757 jets for the second time because of the seats coming loose in the air. has the airline cracked the mystery of why this is happening? and could it be because of spilled soda and coffee d
. the official denied that the state department was too eager to transfer security to local libyan contractors, an idea that local congressional leaders are exploring. and the big question is, of course, whether or not this would have made a difference. the state department says no, the security support team would have been in tripoli that night of the attack. but lieutenant colonel wood tells me the last time that ambassador stevens was going to go to benghazi, the security support team was going with them, although that was scrubbed. >>> meanwhile, the venezuelan president hugo chavez a vocal opponent of the united states has been re-elected. with just 54% the vote. he has promised to create his own version of socialism there. >>> meanwhile here at home, major security lapses in one of the busiest airports in the country. an undercover investigation by the tsa found that screeners at newark airport failed to properly pat down passengers 83% of the time. and only in one quarter of the cases did screeners find prohibited items and take appropriate action. >>> and an historic launch from cape c
. and sending tourists streaming from the outer banks to higher ground. and locals, to stores to stock up on supplies. and people seem to be taking this storm very seriously. we're already hearing of shortages in generators, even bottled water in certain locations. the national guard says it has 61,000 guardsmen ready to deploy wherever they might be needed. ginger? >> matt, the most important part and the part that i think people need to focus in on are the impacts, who gets what, when and where? let's talk about that. we'll show you the graphics here. tropical storm watches and warnings extend all the way from the carolinas up into parts of the cape, even, eventually. that's where we're seeing it there, only through the carolinas. this will extend as we go into the next couple of days. here's how the path goes. it will fluctuate between tropical storm, a heavy one, and a weak category 1. when it hits it has a huge wind field. it's going to stretch from maryland and virginia up to around boston. those affected. but the bulk of it there hits parts of new jersey. new york city going to hav
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-old jessica ridgeway has been found. vanishing on her way to school. will local cell phone towers help investigators get their suspect? >>> harry the hero, the prince on the front lines of a war zone right now. fighting on enemy taliban fighters to save the lives of wounded soldiers. ♪ it's been a hard day's night >> and new proof it's tiring to be a toddler, times two. watch these boys take on their dinner plates. as it becomes an epic showdown, now going viral. spaghetti versus sleep. can you guess who wins? ♪ will make me feel all right >>> and happy friday, everyone. boy, i had not seen that video before it came up. that's very funny stuff. as you all know, robin is at home, recovering from her bone marrow transplant. lara is off today. great to have amy robach here. and boy, what a debate. i'm calling it the thursday night fights. real clashes. real differences. the early polls show a split decision. we're hearing a whole lot of praise for our friend and colleague, martha raddatz. she was the moderator last night from abc news. there she is, front and center. we're going to ta
you ahead of the storm locally. and now we want to branch down into new york. that has been a very big hit area over the past 24 hours. for that, we are going to go to twitter, under the hash tag sandy. this gives you some of the images and some of the things posted on twitter in the past 24 hours. atlantic city is going to be under this hash tag. you see that. a lot of people here. just one i want to show you. take a look at this. parked in the water, this comes [ indiscernible ]. you see just how bad it is in the low-lying areas. one more in here. don't need to see ñrthat. that's a fake. you don't want to see that. this is the shot i ñrwant you t see. this is the subway we have been telling you that. throughout the morning with continuing coverage. subway, we have ridden this subway before. you have been down there. it's now under water. this could be a week until they are back up and running cin new york. imagine how that is going to hamstring the city. once again, now going to the hash tag of queens. just telling you about that 50 house fire overnight. we've got a hash tag for yo
in florida. today, you're going to have isolated thunderstorms. locally heavy rain and flooding possible in the northwest. they're still very dry. red flag warnings popping up here and there. fire danger is up. >> after a really warm summer, chicago's starting to feel some of that still. and you can see it in the pictures that are coming in. that fog rising up there at the chicago bow tannic gardens. beautiful place to visit. and we'll look at the florida storm clouds. they'll see more of that. thank you for the photos. if you want to send me the snow photos, that's what i want to see, what we all want to see, send them to me at twitter. i want to see the snow pictures. >> all right. >> i don't want the snow temperature. >> it's the drop-off that's incredible. it really is. thanks, ginger. >>> the presidential debate a little too wonky for you, you might want to check out the sold-out pay-per-view of jon stewart of "the daily show" and bill o'reilly of fox news. >> the trash-talking has begun with someone in stewart's camp saying he will, quote, eat bill o'reilly's liver. here's reena ni
. nordstrom told investigators he was worried. a local security brigade mostly consisted of merchants and shopkeepers had received no pay in months, other than a daily $30 stipend for food from the embas embassy. i had no idea if they would respond to an attack, nordstrom told investigators. senior state department officials now acknowledge that only an hour before gunman methodically and deliberately stormed the compound, killing ambassador chris stevens, the streets were empty and things were calm. a direct contradiction to statements earlier made by administration officials, claiming the trouble began with demonstrations against that anti-muslim video. >> a small number of people came to the consulate to replicate this sort of challenge that was posed in cairo. as that unfolded, it seems to have been hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists. >> reporter: nordstrom now tells investigators that he had been concerned for awhile. and that etch though he had security personnel in tripoli, the state department would not give him permission to deploy them to benghaz
vegetables and the things that are fresh on that day that are locally grown, it's always more delicious. >> it's very inspiring. i have to tell you. i need to do a little bit more of that. thank you for being here. pick up valerie's book. you can get it now. and i would recommend it. i'm loving the recipes. >> she's loving the recipes. >>> coming up on "gma," justin timberlake, officially off the market. details of the under-the-radar wedding to jessica biel, coming up next. wedding to jessica biel, coming up next. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events. more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with a citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] [ female announcer ] with depression, simple pleasures can simply hurt. the sadness, anxiety, the loss of interest. the aches and
are mourning clothes of a local professor killed in an accident in downtown d.c. was walking his dog when a car ran out onto the sidewalk and struck him. police believe the driver may had a medical emergency. he was a popular history professor in arlington. nationals fans are ecstatic as the team has won its first division title since moving here in 2005. celebration went well into the night. but lost the game last night but the nationals were able to the emily's thanks to a pirate win over the braves. ride out there. we see a lot of delays around the capital area. road spray with rain is not helping sauternes on your headlights. there were couple of earlier beltway, bridge and 66 he spent fairfax county parkway continues there. maryland on the bellboy at legion bridge, in of delays southbound at 27 become a solid backup. it looks wet out there and have rain drops coming down, the heaviest showers are in these areas. cloudy today with scattered showers, 74-78 and will possibly see rain early wednesday and much warmer the rest of the week. be back at 8:56. [ cheers and applause ] >>> kenny roger
you with a look at the northeast for today. for now, that is your local forecast. >> that's it for the nation's weather. let's head back over to george and everyone. elizabeth. and josh is there, too. >> you forgot my name? >> i forgot josh was there. >> it's easy to do. >>> coming up on "gma," a stunning, new clue in that frantic search for the missing 21-year-old woman in oregon. somebody found her cell phone. >>> also, why was this pregnant mom thrown off her bus when racing her sick baby to the doctor? we'll hear from both sides this morning. how you doing? alright, alright. now this is a party. what is that? go, go, go. mmm. give me some of that sauce. i don't know, i think i might bail. yeah, it's pretty dead. [ male announcer ] one is never enough. new kfc dip'ems. freshly prepared tenders dipped in irresistible sauces. this is it. now this is a party. [ male announcer ] try a 20 pc bucket with 6 sauces. today tastes so good. don't hide behind ] try a 20 pc your 6 sauces. use it to show the world how you feel. and today, i feel daring. [announcer:] revlo
-year-old man, making off with his credit card and attempting to charge 4,000 bucks at a local target. she also racked up a $600 charge at the apple store. >> it's wrong. those people are so innocent. >> reporter: fake nurses stealing from innocents in hospital is not new. the target has often been newborns. in august, a 48-year-old woman seen here tried to carry a newborn out of a california hospital in a duffel bag. the infant's monitoring bracelet shut the hospital down. and allowed authorities to track down the suspect before she got away. also in august, police arrested a 19-year-old in pittsburgh who pretended to be a nurse and snuck out with a 3-day-old infant. >> it's scary. it's somebody who is purposely taking advantage of a vulnerable population. >> reporter: there is definitely a lesson here for all of us. watch your valuables. don't take anything for granted just because someone is wearing a uniform. and by the way, if you recognize the suspect in the surveillance video, police in winter haven, florida, would love to hear from you. bianna? dan? >> good point. go to any st
to winchesterow in leesburg and 57 degrees downtown. cloudy locally and a good amount sunshine the rest of >> josh just says i called san francisco southern california. i did not. >> san francisco's going to be so happy to know that it's in southern california. made my day. >> all that weather was brought to you by smuckers. george? >> thank you, sam. >>> coming up, swimming with tigers. should kids get this close? take a look. even to cubs? [ horn honks ] hurry up or we'll miss the bus! come on! ♪ whatcha got there, richard? they're for show & tell. wasn't that yesterday? yup, but the class wants me to do it again. [ male announcer ] tim and richard smucker learned early on just how irresistible their jam really is. so how'd it go today, richard? i shoulda brought more. [ male announcer ] for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. in a triple ac
partnered with the mall to provide the opportunity to find work. local employers will conduct on-site job interviews and pry career information. >> 42nd art and pumpkin festival runs in half moon bay. a new state record when this giant pumpkin weighed in, it's a big pumpkin, a 1,775 pounds. they collected more than $10,000 in prize money for it. there is a costume contest and parade and legendary quarterback steve young is going to be the grand marshal. there are three stages with variety of food and drinks. let's go to lisa argen. >> look at all the sunshine, golden gate bridge, with that clearing overnight it has cooled and a chilly in the north bay. ho9s there right now. we are looking at temperatures very cool from napa to santa rosa. 47 in livermore. warm spot in redwood city and san francisco. cold front has mixed out all that low level moisture. 69 in the city. 70 in san mateo. low 70s in san jose. 76 in livermore and down by the monterey bay, half moon bay, 60s there. 76 in santa cruz. we are talking about a big change in our forecast for the week ahead. >> thank you. "abc 7 alrig
local authorities if needed. >>> and take a look at this staggering number that we put up on the screen behind us. 261,000 homes, more than $80 billion in real estate, could see storm surge damage if sandy hits as a category 1 hurricane which is a real possibility. >> that's right, and, of course, the big question this morning is when and where will this mega storm hit land? our sam champion has been tracking sandy and has the very latest from one of the most vulnerable spots in stork city from battery park in lower manhattan. good morning to you, sam. >> good morning, bianna and dan. we're right here and you can see new york harbor behind us. we'll be able to see how wide this band of water is. that's why folks are concerned. all of this extra water gets squeezed through there and then hops up over where we're standing potentially flooding. that's just one of the problems there. the latest information from the hurricane center, let me just read this to you, the top line as it comes out, sandy expected to bring life-threatening storm surge from the mid-atlantic coast including long isla
the best >>> good morning, i'm carly krause. here are a few of the top stories today. a local woman could face life in prison after pleading guilty to plotting to rob an armored car with her son. according to the plea agreement, regina mccollum of laurel plotted back in 2009 with a robbery of $160,000. her son has pled guilty to the crime. >>> happening now, a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new walmart star in randallstown. it is open 24/7. and features a full line of groceries. including a bakery and a deli. the new store is going to be on liberty road. >>> we will consider -- have a check of the forecast now. lin net, we need the jackets? >> yes, it is cold out there. but sunshine throughout the day. manchester this morning, a beautiful sunrise. the high cirrus clouds. those are the wispy clouds making for a beautiful sunrise and sunset. that's exactly what we're seeing this morning in manchester. the temperature at 42 degrees right now. very dry. not dealing with breezes like we were yesterday. this is what we can expect as we go through lunchtime, going to be cold. seasonably cool as w
local abc stations on that. in the west coast, we're drying out a little bit. you can see the numbers improving, after we got a good dose of rain and clouds. we're going to dry up in the northwest. our hot spot continues to be all the red zones. it's chilly here in times square. it does warm up as the day goes on. we say a limited time magic, we mean a little limited time good morning, everyone. a lot of people are waking up to a chilly morning. it will warm op, 38 at dulles and 49 at reagan >> and we are live in times square. we're live here in times square. elizabeth, i can actually see you from here, at the patch of broadway farms. >> wow. how are you doing, sam? we want to tell our audience, the guacamole stuff does call for raw eggs. if you put the egg in there, don't eat it. >> this doesn't have eggs in it. >> and no margaritas, either. >>> coming up, the music is over for bristol palin. the latest star voted off "dancing with the stars." we'll talk with her live, >>> what a week it is going to be. right now, it is "dancing with the stars" time. and it's been the toughest season
. the romney campaign loaded supplies on the bus in virginia to prepare to deliver them to local storm centers after the storm hits. >> i know right now some people in the country are nervous about the storm to hit the coast. i thought those are the people our prayers are the people in harm's way. >> reporter: safety. >> fact is, keeping people alive first. >> reporter: will the storm impact the race? >> well, i hope it's not going to affect the voters by election day. >> reporter: it could. in virginia where there's a virtual tie, voters who may be affected by the storm can now vote absentee in person. while storm preparations have been going on, so has the campaign. the president reminded voters a fee went up while romney was the governor of massachusetts. >> he raised fees to get a birth certificate which would have been expensive for me. >> reporter: afterwards, he made a stop at a common's man's spot. >> to america. doesn't matter what party. >> and already this once in a lifetime storm has significantly affected the campaign. with romney and obamacacan sellg 18 events. and president obam
is 7:56 on this morning, october 31. thousands of people in d.c. are without power. the local school time thisare open on morning for a little late. some individual buildings are because the have no electricity. find a complete list of website,on our residents and businesses in old alexandria are bracing for flooding when high tide about two hours. it happens a little after 10:00 morning. streets filled with water last night in old town alexandria. newschannel 8 will have an in- depth report at the top of the hour. let's find out what is happening roads. beltway, weryland a 10-mile backup. only the left shoulder gets by after a serious crash in college park. only the shoulder debts by and from 200 to to get down to the beltway. please allow plenty of time to get through. the forecast is improving. the impact from sandy is still lasting because we have some cloudy mass. you concede this world from what moving to theane berge. a chilly start, 43 degrees is temperature and generally today and cool with our between 52-56re degrees. at 8:27.l be back anncr: which do you believe?
? there they are. and anywhere where you see that area shaded in purple, there's locally more than two inches of rain. that will come with gusty winds. we know this is heavy rain because it has been for days now. from texas all the way through the country. pictures from nashville, what is likely to happen in the southeast. everywhere else is pretty dry. and indeed, there will be cool air dropping in to the middle of >> all of america's weather was brought to you by cvs. let's go to george and stephen. >>> we're here to celebrate your new book. "america again: we becoming the greatness we never weren't." quite a title. >> thank you very much. it's trying to capture what america needs right now. america's perfect and it's time to fix it. >> and we eat well, too. >> america's got the best food. we have in front of us an oreo and a ho-ho. it epitomizes -- you're a brave man to bite that. i think that's just a prop. >> it is plastic. >> it's plastic. this epitomizes all corn-based. but all of the american major food groups. >> it is excellent. >> frosting, cream and snack cake. >> if you just fry
. locally, about two inches of rain coming from that. on the east coast, we have some big, cold temperatures. chicago, charleston, washington, d.c., new york city, all in the 40s this morning. and it's a shot of cool air that gets reinforced tonight into saturday morning. so, saturday, be ready for that early chill. >>> coming up on "gma," the surprising twist in the shocking home invasion case. the college student shot after stumbling into a stranger's home. was she secretly drugged? >>> also, how two couples' wedding nights ended in chaos. that shocking brawl. stop by walmart this saturday. wireless. take a one-minute demo of our new lg optimus zip. for every demo we'll donate one dollar to make-a-wish. up to one million dollars. visit one-minute-one-million-dot-com to find a participating walmart near you. i didn't want to change toothpastes. i already had a product that made my mouth feel clean. why am i going to go and change it? the first thing he recommended was that i use sensodyne. sensodyne helps with the sensitivity issues and at the same time it gives you the clean feeling. your
? you can't call and find a hitman. so, people end up turning to their local homeless guy sometimes and offering them $600. >> but, dan, $600? >> that handyman. when you said the key, i thought you were being literal. but remember, this guy, this firefighter, west point grad, goes and gets an extra key made to his wife's apartment. and there's no forced entry. there's nothing. the homeless guy clearly used the key the firefighter made and gave him. >> doesn't this, both of you, seem surprisingly low-rent for a murder-for-hire plot? we're talking not just $600, but kill her with a hammer? >> first of all, he was supposed to allegedly pay up to $20,000. but murder-for-hire and we talked about this before, it doesn't happen how it happens in the movies. there's no brad pitt out there who can be hired to do this sort of stuff. >> well, the other thing here is, they're going to use the homeless guy, noel stevens, the 37-year-old homeless dude to turn state's evidence against the husband. >> do you think they cut a beale with him, nancy? >> yeah, i do. i noticed that they -- the lawyer sa
with flower petals after taking the wows and headed to an unknown locale for a honeymoon. >>> and finally, everybody, halloween came to new york a little early this year. the city hosted the mother of all dog parades. this is not just any canine celebrations. we're talking hundreds of dogs in halloween getups. and they showed up for the 22nd annual compton square park. pooches ready to show off costumes everything from evita to -- >> that's evita. >> and then there's that one. >> oh! >> oh! come on. >> whoa, whoa, wait. it was this coming close to being the happiest, sweetest "pop news" of all time. >> and then -- >> well, but she did quote winston churchill. >> it's true. it's true. >> come on. >> you're a woman for all seasons. >> i really am. >> you really are. >> you're many things. >> many things. now the weather. >>> no, just say no. no. hello, everybody. taylor swift -- back up just for a second for me. and tell me your names. >> michelle. >> michelle, that is amazing. how did you do that? you hot glued each of those on? then spin over here and take a look at the taylor swift drawi
on the beach. and the next night, everyone sat around open fires and snacked on local wine, olive and homemade cheeses. >> wow -- >> i know. and on the big day -- can we do that now? and jessica wore a white and pink gown and was serenaded by justin, who performed a brand-new song for her in front of the whole crowd. very romantic. i know. >>> and finally, we introduce you this morning to noc, the talking whale. it's true. noc lives at the national -- [ whale making noises ] >> what is he saying? >> that's noc. >> oh, yeah. say no more, noc. definitely, noc. yes. >> what noc is saying is, i wish i was watching taylor twist. noc is at the national marine mammal foundation for 30 years. and researchers say, he began mimicking human speech, or the swedish chef, as you just heard. trainers said they would hear what sounded like people having a conversation far away. but they couldn't figure it out. but one diver was in the pool and he literally heard noc tell him to get out. >> what? it's like a bird? >> he apparently doesn't know words. he knows how to mimic human speech. that was the story that
there is a connection between the two. ordinarily in these kinds of cases, the authorities don't want to scare the local community, right? in a lot of cases, they'll say, we want to reassure everyone. we believe this is an isolated incident. here, they're doing just the opposite. they're saying, we think this is connected to other attempted abductions in the area, which has really concerned this community. you now have older kids taking younger kids to school. parents dropping their kids off in ways that they didn't do before. they have to have something definitive and something tangential here. >> they want people to be taking the precautions, as well. but they're still holding back some details. and they're getting flooded. >> they have to. in high-profile cases you always get a lot of tips. it's the reason a lot of the time you make the cases public because you want the public to help. the downside is you get so many tips, that the hardest job is separating the real tips from the false tips. and so, what they want to do is they want to keep certain information close to the vest, that only the actual
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